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No-Code Automation with Decisions

With the Decisions no-code automation platform that allows organizations to optimize
business functions, improve customer experience, modernize legacy systems, and automate
anything in your business.

One Complete Solution For Your Entire Business


Decisions allows you to automate your process using drag-and-drop designers without having to get traditional developers involved. Intelligent Process Automation platforms allow you to cut costs, reduce waste, and streamline manual work so your business can get back to doing what the business does best.

This family of Decisions features was built to work together to provide a seamless, shared experience. The Decisions Platform expedites the time from insight to automation, so you can solve complex problems more easily without trading capability for ease of use.

Rules Engine

Codify business logic, validate data, and automate decisions.

Workflow Manager

Use a drag-and-drop toolbox to create processes, refine process flaws, and sequence people and systems.

Process Mining

Transform complex log data from existing systems to discover processes, pinpoint problems, and optimize your business.


Connect disparate systems, enforce data security and integrity, and unify operations.

Interface Designer

Create user experiences, orchestrate data and processes, and inform actions.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce Manual Inputs and eliminate Human Error.

Rapidly Evolve

Reduce development time with pre-built step libraries

Unify Data

Integrate RPA, AI, IDP, or other system using APIs

Analyze & Optimize Process

Identify bottlenecks to reach your automation potential


See how Decisions has helped transform businesses.

Gain insight into use cases and discover how Decisions no-code, rules-driven platform can unlock opportunities for your business.

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