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Intelligent Document Understanding with PointingFish

PointingFish has proprietary algorithms that take any document and parses, classifies, detects and assimilates data to produce a contextual blueprint of the document. Wayahead Technology partners with PointingFish to deliver a complete solution to integrate with your current systems.

Integrate PointingFish & Decisions

Leveraging PointingFish’s powerful AI engine for document extraction and more. Businesses can take automation one step further by integrating with Decisions automation platform. 

Automated Workflows

Automate workflows with integrated PointingFish data for end-to-end streamlined applications.

Data Rich Dashboards

Using Decisions drag-and-drop interface designer, create data rich interfaces for different users in your organization.

Actionable Reports

Create custom actions that drive the next step in your process and enable your teams to interact with forms and excel like reports.


Why Business choose PointingFish


Auto Splitting

Bookmarks for Document. Takes the document set and classifies each page, each document type and each document set and bookmarks it.


Auto Tag

Auto-tags documents with user-defined tags, generating a tagged document and machine-readable files for versatile integration across formats.


Quality Control

Offers users a portal to review and quality-check tagged and split documents, facilitating coordinate refinement and new coordinate additions.



Extractor can take the user defined tags and either extract them from the document set or populate the document set.

See PointingFish in Action!

Tell us the use case you have in mind and take a step toward automating and extracting data from documents

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